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WOSLOM: Metal music is for few and stricted people.Red-hot thrashers Woslom from São Paulo is one of bands who aren’t one the main articles of the Brazilian "metal" export. But despite this fact, they’re known in Europe pretty well. They regularly play shows here and they’re inked a deal with Italian label Punishment 18 Records not so long ago (with a re-release of their two albums as a result). Their third album “A Near Life Experience” , which was released in Brazil a few days ago, will also receive a European release on May 27. And then band will tour in Europe again (7 countries itcluding Russia). On the eve of these shows drummer Fernando Oster, founder and leader of Woslom, answered questions of Metal Cat.
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SHADE EMPIRE: "You can figure it out and use your imagination! ;)" (2008)

In the summer of this year the Finnish band Shade Empire has dealed a crushing blow (code-named “Zero Nexus”) to admirers of brutal metal. This blow was such power that Finns has joined to a rank “Hummer Battalion” («the Shock battalion»), and «the Shadow empire» is ready to act in the first European campaign, having united with veterans of a scene: Unleashed, Krisiun (Br.), One Man Army and the Undead Quarted.

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Stefan Hetrich. Ultimate Darkness (2005)Darkseed (Germany) founded 1992, gothic music Band members (1992-2005)Tommy Herrmann - guitarsStephan Zandt - drummsTom Gilcher - guitarsMartin Motnik - bassArmin Dorfler - keyboardsStefan Hertrich - vocal

A.S.K., A9 (Alice Nine), Accept, ALSDEAD, Amoral, Anfiel, Angelo, Arlequin (アルルカン), At The Gates, avanchick, AvelCain, Awoi (アヲイ), Belle, Black Gene For the Next Scene, BORN, Brutal Assault, BUCK-TICK, Buglug, cali≠gari, Calmando Qual, CANIVAL, Chanty, Children Of Bodom, CLOWD, Codomo Dragon, Crimson Shiva, Crossfaith, D (Asagi), D'espairsRay, D=OUT (ダウト), DADAROMA, DaizyStripper, DAMY, Deathgaze ( Ai ; Naoki), defspiral, Develop One's Faculties, DEZERT, DIAURA, DIR EN GREY, DIV, DuelJewel, EPICA, Far East Dizain (FED), Femme Fatale, FEST VAINQUEUR, FIXER, Gamma Ray, GIGAMOUS, girugamesh, Gossip (ゴシップ), GOTCHAROCKA, Grieva, GRIMOIRE (グリモア), GYZE, HER NAME IN BLOOD, HOLYCLOCK, JILUKA, Jin-Machine, Jupiter, Kamijo, Kiryu (己龍), KRAD, Kuroyume, Labaiser, LEZARD, Lilith, LIPHLICH, LiPS, liraizo, LOKA, LONDBOY, Lost Ash, Lycaon, lynch, Magistina Saga, Marco, Matenrou Opera (摩天楼オペラ), MEJIBRAY, MERRY, Metallica, METEOROID, Misaruka, MIYAVI, Moran, More, MORRIGAN, MUCC, My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND, Neverland, Nightmare (ナイトメア), Nightwish, Nihilizm, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, NoGoD, Panzer (Bra), Penicillin, Pentagon, Plastic Tree, Purple Stone, R-Shitei, RAZOR, REIGN, REVINE, Rides In ReVellion, Royz, Sabaton, Sadie, SAVAGE, SCAPEGOAT, Scarlet Valse, SchwarzKain, SCREW, Sel'm, Sepultura, Sex-Android, Shiva, Shounenki (少年記), sibilebashir ( シビレバシル), SID, SkyWings, Sonata Arctica, Sonic Death Monkey, Souiumono, SuG, sukekiyo, Synk;yet, The 3rd Birthday, THE BLACK SWAN, THE GALLO, the GazettE, the LOTUS, THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S, the Raid, THE SOUND BEE HD, THE THIRTEEN, Tokami, umbrella, Under Fall Justice, UNiTE. (ユナイト), Vexent, vistlip, ViViD, VRZEL, Wagakki band, Woslom, Xaa-Xaa (ザアザア), Xenon (パノラマ虚構ゼノン), zin (ジン), ZON, Хэви-Нэко Чарт

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