WOSLOM: Metal music is for few and stricted people.

WOSLOM: Metal music is for few and stricted people.

Brazilian metal is like iceberg for European listener. The top is Sepultura, Angra, their numerous offshoots and several other bands Hibria, Korzus и Krisiun, which release their albums on major metal labels. The others are almost unknown by most of metalheads.
Red-hot thrashers Woslom from São Paulo is one of bands who aren’t one the main articles of the Brazilian "metal" export. But despite this fact, they’re known in Europe pretty well. They regularly play shows here and they’re inked a deal with Italian label Punishment 18 Records not so long ago (with a re-release of their two albums as a result). Their third album “A Near Life Experience” , which was released in Brazil a few days ago, will also receive a European release on May 27. And then band will tour in Europe again (7 countries itcluding Russia). On the eve of these shows drummer Fernando Oster, founder and leader of Woslom, answered questions of Metal Cat.

- Just to start. Woslom will be playing in Russia soon. What are your feelings about it? What do you expect from these shows?
- Hallo, yes!!! We will be in Russia over again, this is amazing. For sure Russia is one of the most special place for us, we love this country and especially we love this people. You have been amazing with us since our very first time, so our expectations are the best ones for this new upcoming tour.

- It’s your 3rd Russian tour, right? What impression have you collected from two previous tours? I’ve been on both your shows in Moscow and I’ve seen that audience was small but very supportive. And what about other cities?
- I guess Moscow is like any other big cities we played, even here in our home town Sao Paulo. We have best audiences in the country side. But being true, we don’t care about small or big audiences, we are there to make our part and have party with the people who join us. But we expect this time to get a bit more people in our concerts in Moscow. Also both past times were in a Tuesday, maybe this is not the best day of the week to watch a concert. This time we will be on a Thursday and we are sure we will have some ass to kick!!! ;-)

- And what about sightseeing? Did you have enough of time to see cities where you played?
- Normally we don’t have time to see anything. This time we will arrive one day early to accommodate about jetlag and I’m sure we will have time to visit the Red Square, we have been there in the first time and we want to visit there again. I hope it works. But the other cities, normally we have time only to play and then leave the venue and travel millions of KM to next city!!!

- What are your favorite songs to play live?
- At this moment we love to play the new songs. We are excited to play them and check the reaction of the audience.

- How can you describe your music for those, who never heard Woslom?
- Let’s say that it’s a thrash metal based on the San Francisco Bay Area of the 80’. This is our roots. In this 3rd album I can say that we are finding our way to music. Our production is more contemporary, our technic is more accurately. But the essence is the thrash metal.

- You have just announced the release of your 3rd full-length album “A Near Life Experience”. Do you have plans to perform new songs during Russian tour?
- For sure, this is the reason we are touring over there and other places too.

- Could you speak about new album? What is it about? How could you compare it to its predecessors?
- New album in my opinion is kicking ass. Best thing we ever done. We are very happy and sure we could achieve what we were looking for. We wrote those songs over the past year with a lot of passion and I think it’s a bit more mature in terms of composition and lyrical too.

- Is there a story behind this album? What does its name - “A Near Life Experience” – means for you personally?
- This name came by the end of it. We were still looking for a name when Silvano (Silvano Aguilera – guitarist and singer of Woslom – Metal Cat) came with this one. Actually there is a sentence in English for A Near Death Experience that is when you are almost dying and see lights or a tunnel, anyway, something that people who was almost dying talks about this experience. And we decide to turn death for life, which means that we are not living in the way we should. Everything in our society is too robotic, we are slaves, arrested by ourselves. And this is what we tried to show in the cover art too.

- Was the recording process of the new album different to the others or everything was as always?
- No, we followed almost the same way we have done for Evolustruction, the second album. We made a pre-production and fixed all points we wanted to do during the recordings. So, we took something like 4 or 5 days for the instrumental part and other 3 weeks for vocals (as we don’t record vocals in a raw and for more than 3 hours each session). We tried some small things different, like other drum kit, other guitar and bass heads, but nothing special or radically different from the last time with Evolustruction.

- Could you share your favorite moments of the recording? And what part of creating of new album (songwriting, rehearsals, recording etc) do you like more? And why?
- Well, for me, all this process is too stressful. Our main songwriter is Rafa Iak, who brings most part of the songs written and with some arrangements. Then on rehearsals we finish and complete all points, but we make it on a way to record, it’s not full of how the music will sound at the end. It’s something weird.
Then with everything done, I study the way I’ll record it on studio and spend several hours doing that, I mean 3 weeks hard working to give my best during the recording sessions. In my case, I reserve 3 days for drum recording, but normally I take in 2 days. The rest of the guys run like that too.
Then after everything done, we practice the songs in a way to play them live. So I can assure that my favorite moment is when everything is done and we are ready for the stage.

- You also recorded Bywar’s song “Thrasher’s Return” for new album. Why have you choose this song?
- Bywar is one of the most known thrashers here in our Country and Hometown. It was naturally choose them to make a cover, as well as they are really great friends who made part of our scene. Unfortunately they are stopped now. But they were the predecessors, together with Violator, of this new revival of old school thrash metal here in Brazil during the years 2000.

- Do you have first reactions to your new album already? How is the feedback so far?
- The album release will be on 14/04 here and 25/04 online. Just on 27/05 will be released worldwide. So, at this moment, just close people listened and they are loving it.

- Last year you finally inked a deal with Italian label Punishment 18 Records for Europe and the rest of the world. Did it help you for better promotion in Europe? Was your deal with Punishment 18 Records opened new doors for Woslom?
- Well, actually this partnership happened in 2014 and I can say that this opened some doors, but you know, we are not worried about being a small or a big band. We do what we want to do, we are free to choose our way. But of course, having a label and some promotion are always good. What we are not pursuing is to be a commercial band running after money, the art is the target!

- Brazilian local scene isn’t widely known here. Could you speak about it? Which local bands do you like?
- Brazil is the country of Metal. We are a metal country since the beginning, it’s part of our culture once we were so much influenced by Europe and US in our history. So, during the 80’ when the metal scene finally found the whole world, Brazil was one of the big representors here in South America. And in the beginning of 90’ when Sepultura was one of the biggest bands in the world, our local scene grew up strongly.
Today we have a scene like in Russia, with a lot of great bands in the underground and some big bands in a world scenario. And the best part is that metal here is still our of mainstream so, we all know each other band members, headbangers and so one. We are one!

- Let’s imagine that you have an opportunity to start a side project with any of living/lived musicians, any style, not only metal. Who would be your choice? And why?
- Well, I never thought about that, I like my bandmates, I think I’d never have a side project!!! But let’s suppose I have this opportunity, of course I’d stay in metal scene and choose metal personalities. My partners would be James Hetfield, Tom Araya and Alex Skolnick. But I’m not in the same level as them (LOL).

- I ask this question to different bands very often. Does “digital era” helps or hinder to bands like Woslom to find their fans, to sell albums etc?
- I guess the digital era is good for bands like Woslom. If it was not this “era” we probably would be nothing, we could not be traveling over new places playing our music.
However this digital era also make it possible for thousands of bands, one better than others. And today, if you don’t bring anything new or different you are the same as many others. But we are not worried about that, we want to produce our material and make our art available, just that.

- What do you dream about, I mean music-wise. Or what are you aiming to? Playing stadiums? Selling millions of copies of your albums?
- No no no….hahahahaha Our music is for special people. Today, play in stadiums or sell millions of copies are for popular and superficial music, music done for dumbs. Heavy Metal music is for few and stricted people. I can say that for us, playing on some rewarded heavy metal festival is the top.

- Thanx for the answers Anything you’d like to add?
And your message to Russian fans?

- We have a lot of Russians maniacs friends. We want to meet all of them again on this upcoming tour and drink some vodka together!!! Cheers for the Metal!!!

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